I spend the evenings stripping and my husband approves


Is the old dichloromethane paint stripper still available? These worked like a charm.

What about a hot air gun?

The result looks sweet!

That’s a “job well done”, I know first hand the terrors of stripping paint from wood and the needed sanding that seems to never end.


That dichloromethane stripper was/is very bad for the ozone layer.


I used a heat gun as well. For areas that I couldn’t get with the heat gun I would use the citrus strip.


But works better than anything else I encountered, and is a wonderful vapor-degreaser.

…I should find where I can still buy some (or, better, make a small reacting unit for chlorinated methanes, using natural gas and table salt as feedstocks, and Peltier element cooling unit for condensing the lighter products from the reactor loop, so I don’t have to hunt the edges of the markets and can opt-out from the regulations just with commonly available stuff) and build a vapor degreasing rig for my shop. Not exactly eager to risk something more flammable with higher boiling point in such thing.

Try Peel Away 7. It’s pricey, but works very well.

The post and rail look fantastic now! What about the rug next?

You may wish to reconsider your enthusiasm for that dichloromethane (AKA methylene chloride) stripper. It’s toxic.

A Multimaster is a must.

Fein was the first on the market, but all the toolmakers do a version now.


When I go to bachelor parties, I always bring the stripper. I stop off at the hardware store and get a can of liquid stripper. The best says “Fast, cheap, and easy.” Then I present it with great fanfare to the groom. Everyone chuckles and it becomes a running joke. As a bonus, the groom takes the stripper home.


So, don’t bathe in it.

Everything is toxic, the difference is only in how much. Humble harmless-looking nitrogen regularly takes lives in industrial settings.

Or breathe it, or let it touch your skin at all. I have some kind of sensitivity to it, and it causes fever-like symptoms. Can’t be real good for the average mammal.

If you are sensitive to it, it is not good for you. Like peanuts aren’t good for others. It’s individual.

Hell yes. I’ve got a Bosch Professional multi-tool and it is the finest damn thing I’ve ever added to my kid. So versatile.

I really, really like the DeWalt version.

Let me guess, your kid’s name is Sandy.


Honestly, it is worse than that. When I worked for the EPA (water quality division) we used mtheylene chloride in liquid form to clean bottles before organics sampling. We did the cleaning wearing space suits borrowed from the hazardous waste cleanup division. (In a mall parking lot, BTW, which was probably not good for business for the other mall occupants - our branch office was in the mall.) The fumes can cause brain damage fairly quickly.

I also used to work for a furniture refinishing shop, and have a lot of experience with methylene chloride-based stripper. It works very very well, and I’ve worked hard to avoid going anywhere near the stuff for 35 years. Nowadays if I can’t strip the old finish with some combination of a heat gun, soy gel stripper, or my sander, then the old finish stays.

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And you wake up with horrible burning and a rash.

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