Four ways to actually remove stickers once and for all


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There were two stories in close proximity to each other on the BB front page. One about immortality, and one about removing labels. I came here.


Acetone. Mic drop


Looks OK except for the peanut butter. Why not leave the bottle in the water for a few more minutes?


I hlove removing stickers from stuff and I don’t even consider using anything other than a few drops of paint thinner (white spirit / mineral spirit). It gets rid of the residue in seconds and doesn’t dissolve plastic. Though you do need to use detergent to wash it off.


goo-gone works pretty damn good, too. and it smells nice and citrusy!


I was just going to recommend the same product. Works very well, petroleum distillates + limonene. Why mess around with more complicated techniques, especially the peanut butter one? Though, soaking in water seems to work really well for wine bottle labels, I’ll give you that.


Peanut butter does a great job with gummy and hard to remove adhesives. The tiny bits of nut along with the peanut oil work well together.



i use a hair dryer a lot – i’ll need to try the baking soda/oil one.


Any used record store employee will know: naptha (a.k.a. lighter fluid) but you’ve got to be judicious with it, and not use too much. A tiny drop will soak into old price tags and they come off in seconds, but not for certain textured LP covers.


My go-to sticker remover is rubber cement thinner. Doesn’t harm plastic or most papers (e.g. book-cover price tags).


Lighter fluid is the key to getting price stickers off action figures without ruining the cardboard backer.


In the old days, I remember being warned that Bestine (rubber cement remover and thinner brand) was carcinogenic. So don’t chug it.


WD4-0 is my go-to. Comes in gallon cans.



Warm soapy water and steel wool. Slides off like butter.


It all depends on the adhesive. So I try the soapy water first, then alcohol. If neither work, I get exasperated because I both have to go to one of the tool shelves and bc either the kitchen is gonna stink or I’m gonna have to lug everything outside and then bring around the hose to rinse. But alas, I do acetone (or that new just-say-no nail polish remover that’s crap) and finally paint thinner. I’ve yet to find a sticker that paint thinner couldn’t get off glass/ceramic. For off paper, dunno. For wood, usually paint thinner in small amounts and a card scraper.


More like residon’t. Amirite??


Definitely doesn’t taste that way, though.