Improve your laptop stickering technique

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improve it more by applying windex or alcohol and putting the sticker on the wet surface, where it can be moved around and whatnot. just let it dry out afterward and the glue will take hold.


Didn’t you guys do a “show us your laptop stickers” a few years ago?
Edit: Couldn’t find the original post but I found my contribution on my flickr account and it dates from January 2009… I feel old now…


I can never decide on a sticker for my laptop.

No wonder I’ve never picked out a tattoo.


I always thought this one was full of awesomesauce boingy wonderfulness:

(this video, agreed, is the opposite of awesomesauce. Cf. Anal Retentive Chef:


Googly eyes FTW!


I have never struggled with this problem.

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This trick also works on your car.


What is this woman doing to her laptop that she needs to apply her stickers with this level of care. I just kinda make sure to apply it reasonably evenly and I get them lasting the 4-5 years before it’s time to upgrade to a new one. And I’m putting it in my bag and working in a cafe or the park pretty much every other day.

The problem I get is that some of them start fading after being on it for a few years. I’m gonna miss Moxana there when she’s gone.


Laptop stickers are SRS BSNS and a primary subcultural marker, you gotta get it right.


Working for a company that handles “waste WEEE” for recycle/reuse I personally hate having to work on Apple products that are covered in stickers. Removing them is hard work and exposes me to nasty chemical label remover and processes that highly devalue the item.
The reuse market is big, especially with Apple products. Instead of being stripped down and sold as a spare part for reuse most sticked panels will have to be binned (recycled) for their raw material value which is the last result before landfill. Stickering up a laptop is ultimately not good for the the environment. I dismay when I see several hundred dollar worth of ipad that some spoiled brat has covered in Disney Frozen stickers, smashed the screen and returned it under some stores warranty scheme and ends up with us as electronic waste under EU directive.
Cleaning spunk, puke , hair, nicotine and human grease out of some teen skaters stickered up macbook pro isn’t much fun either.
If you are going to, then use labels that come off easily. I prefer pink glittery ones with googly eyes that I can reuse (troll) by stickering up my colleagues monitor surrounds.

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Sticker printer paper + image search + LibreOffice Draw = never having to worry about the availability of stickers of the things you like, even if they’re kind of obscure.

Try butter or lard. Often does a pretty good job with the adhesives.

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You got the like for Phil Hartman…but now I’m sad…b/c Phil Hartman.

I only have one sticker on my laptop right now. It’s a button that says Magic. I really am a fantasy nut.


Stop mixing xylene in with your orange peels, it…that wasn’t it? Between improved spatula M17.2, orange or banana cleaner (made from peels) and parsnips, you were supposed to be good! You deprecated gloves or something because of some footprint, then?

Is there a joke in there like that for people who turn old when they run out of delicacy?

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