I started an informal Boing Boing Discord channel

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/02/02/i-started-an-informal-boing-bo.html


Fun. I learned that someone had used my e-mail address to sign up for a Discord account. So, I decided to go and delete their account. :mage: Yes, I’m evil.

Too bad I still couldn’t re-use my e-mail address afterward. #fail


I think the proper move in that situation is to use the password recovery option, and rightfully claim the account as your spoils.


Yeah – I thought about that, but on the other hand who knows what this person actually did using that account. Not sure I want to be associated with the account of some rando using one of my e-mail addresses.


True enough, but at the same time it’s a chance for account redemption. Right the wrongs, apologize to those it’s hurt, improve the world in a minuscule way. The possibilities may not be quite endless, but they’re close enough.


Hm, somewhat tempted but then again i’m not sure what i’d do within the Discord group. Guess i can sign up and then see what happens.


I got bored, it became a bored board. (Boors, booers and boars optional on the bourse.)

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Awesome. I’ve always wanted a text based medium to communicate with fellow Boing Boing fans.


Joined. I’m in way too many Discord channels, but this bunch seem like a cool crowd.

text based medium

There’s voice chat as well.

Thanks for doing this, Mark.

Like Reddit, Discord has a bit of a reputation for harboring alt-right idiots. Of course it’s not the tool, just the tools who use it.

It’s good to be on the side of the angels, the light side of the Force. Having BoingBoing on Discord makes Discord a happier mutant place.


Joined, but I’m not clear on what I’m doing.


Wonder if it will fare better than #boingboing on freenode?

This is a Discord account we’re talking about, and not an Imaging Chamber, right?

(anyone know where I can get that for a phone case?)


Um, is it like an old Yahoo chat room?

In the late 90s I was “addicted to the Internet.” (Got through with that before you could carry Internet at all times in your pocket. My online time these days very limited and Im outta step.) Chat rooms were so fun and so horrific and so…I have stories.

So…is Discord a chat room? I ask with no judgements. Just askin.

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In some ways, yes, Discord is essentially just the newest iteration in the long series of chat and IM services that people have been using since the early days. There are a lot more features associated with Discord however. For one: You can just use the web client instead of installing the app. For two, it offers voice communication and even video in private calls. For three, a server for any given community can be broken up into any number of sub channels. Lastly, Discord backlogs all communication, so you can drop into a channel and read days and days of back scroll if you so desire.


Hopping on the band wagon a bit late now are we? I hear there’s a keen website called myspace. I’ll send you my CompuServe ID and we chat. Fun!


Be sure to post the next one soon before we collectively forget it exists.

Some of us live on different continents and sound up not catching up on B.B. in time. :wink:

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Thx…maybe I’ll lurk a bit, dunno. The stationary BB forum seems to meet my much reduced online impulses. But interesting for a visit…

Any chance a new invite link will be posted on the future? I know you want to keep the community small. Or at least for the time being. But I didn’t check BoingBoing for the last two days. :cry:


I’m so bummed I missed this! Please do reopen it for a brief period, as I would love to join the Discord community for BoingBoing.