I stayed in a 180 sq ft cottagecore tiny house hotel room

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OK, now I want to go to Portland!


Noooo! Lolo Pass was my favorite place to stay when visiting Portland! :pensive: It wasn’t just a “hostel” – it also had very basic 1-bed 1-bath rooms for under $100, a good cafe and bar in the beautiful & huge entrance lounge with lots of work tables, and a great rooftop terrace. I hope someone else copies the model.

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I know! I really liked that place. It even had an art gallery and an art vending machine.

What a fun place to stay!
Thanks for sharing.

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That looks really cool.

Me and my wife are about to spend 7 days in a 220 square foot rv but our home away from isn’t as stylish as those tiny homes.

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I Love it! ( the smallest print I could find )

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