I still can't figure the new comment system out

So I used to comment in here daily. For a long time. Then, like an unexpected rockslide, they changed the comment system. I kept lurking, but never joined back in again.

Until today. I still can’t figure this thing out. Can we have an alternate-universe Boing Boing for dumb guys, with the other comment system back. like right now someone else is typing the exact same thing as me in the right box. I can’t compete with that guy. He’s too fast and smart and yes I hated Disqus but at least I got it. It was like instant snarkification, I’m going to stomp that dude on the right, really, stop it, you’re not being funny copying me like that…


I moved 6 posts to an existing topic: I miss the old site with comments on the same page

Funny, first reply to this post in the other thread suggested the conversation get moved to its own thread. Maybe if all dissent is corralled into a single free speech zone, it doesn’t seem as voluminous. I think the new format does not discourage trolls, and has not improved the quality of discussion. That’s my opinion.


I’m not so sure we want to discourage 'em, secretly. Yeah, the pathetic, childish ones, but they’re gone in a flash, always were. The good ones (well, you know what I mean), are what keeps us chewing our lovely DramaLlama cud…

That was my mistake then. I missed that. I do apologize.

ok, THIS is prime example of a big problem. So I came back this morning to check replies to my comment, find that CodingHorror had moved mine and related comments to a new metathread, then that Falconer had randomly moved SOME of THOSE comments (including mine) to the end of yet another thread that is ancient and has nearly 150 comments already.

Yep, that certainly fosters community and intelligent discussions. Thanks for ghettoizing us. And I sure don’t appreciate topic titles that not-so-subtly imply you’re old and stupid if you post here, like “I can’t figure the new comment system out” & “I miss the old site with comments on the same page”.


People make mistakes. It really isn’t a big deal. Falcor apologised, it was not intentional.

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Is it true that moderators make up titles for threads? Even without any malicious intent misattributed titles are a recipe for disaster. Would it at least be possible to indicate that somehow? E.g. you could put them in [brackets] or something comparable.

This system probably works great for most, but for me, it just does not provide the same quality of commentgasm as the old way. I loved getting in a little back-n-forth with all of you. You’re quick-witted and educated and interesting.

The BB stories are brilliant picks. Led to fascinating, mutual, digital-exchange. Now I will post this and it’ll disappear to somewhere and… whatever. I’ll go look at i09 and wonder why they can’t get a decent conversation going either.

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I like the friendlier tone of the bbs. I do not think the conversation is lesser for it. We learn a lot from the folks who choose to post here, it is a smart crowd in general. Has been in every iteration.

By all means, only do what you enjoy.

It’s cool, it’s not like I’m ever going to stop visiting…

While I have you on the line though, what would be the chances of getting the GAMES link back up in the nav? Are you still categorizing posts? I loved that, it’s easy to miss stuff as fast as you fire, but that was the best way to topic-dive.

Thanks again, keep up the pace, you’re the only news source I believe.

Well, those were me – I created those titles, but I was not editorializing at all, I was honestly attempting to summarize the first post, which in this case was:

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