I use this kneeling pad and knee pads whenever I have to work on something low to the ground

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Also available at virtually every hardware and gardening store in the country.


Yeah, I had one of those pads. They are great when you are doing something on the ground. Keep one of those or at least a card board box in your trunk for when you have to change a tire.


I’ve been using something like these for about 10 years now.
Couldn’t garden without them.

That pad looks handy, and softer than a piece of cardboard (@Mister44 - do you have a wire coat hanger in the trunk, too?)

Depends on the nature of the work. For regular (occasional) kneeling I use these non-marring Fiskars kneepads.


For constant and on-the-move kneeling, something more like these.


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No. For like jimmying locks?

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For holding up mufflers until you get home.


Pads like that are great for putting on metal bleacher seats if you are watching a kid playing sports in freezing weather. Regular seat cushions are the wrong size for your typical school bleachers, and those metal bleacher seats will drain the life out of you when it is 30 degrees out, no matter how many blankets you have wrapped around yourself.


My shit boxes aren’t quite that bad of shitboxes. I do have some rope and bungee straps that maybe could work if needed.

I got 2 folding chairs, jumper cables, gas can, and a unit to inflate a tire, and still plenty of space.


Genuflect, genuflect!

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Those look a comfy kneeling solution but getting down on my knees is the least of my worries. It’s getting up again that is the problem. I am thinking there is a market say for a short stubby cordless electric telescopic crutch/jack (no not there - under the arms) that would elevate you sufficiently to get vertical enough that your knees could again bear your weight. Ideas?

I should get this. My SO would be very happy if I could spend more time on my knees without complaining.

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