I visited an amazing cactus nursery

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This was indeed delightful. Thanks, Mark.


I wanna try the cactus cooler now.


Tangentally related, but if you’re ever in the Seattle area and into horticultural curiosities, I highly recommend checking out the Pacific Bonsai Museum in Federal Way. It’s easy to get to, and best of all it’s free admission.



My spouse used to grow a wide variety of succulents–including lithops and faucaria. I thought this was the place that supplied most of them, ordered by mail, but I think it’s more likely the place that supplied the place.

This really is amazing and on my list of must-sees if I’m ever back in LA.


then there’s California Carnivores in Sebastopol NorCal, which is just like that except all flytraps and pitchers and sundews - worth a drive all the way from SoCal


Sipping Tequila and having Taco Bar at my place. The Cactus / Corn tortillas are a huge hit too.


This was great.

I also want to know about Christmas Tamales.


That’s so cool! It’s on my Yelp list of bookmarks for the next time I’m in LA!


I had one late Christmas Eve this year (along with some spicy pork chops and a Mexican version of Ambrosia made with apples).
Tastes the same to me, unless @frauenfelder 's were peppermint flavored or something?

Is this a regional thing? I dunno, because So Cal native myself (so I’ve always had access to the orangey-pinapple goodness that is Cactus cooler). Imagine one of those big stick popsicles melted down and carbonated. Horrible yet delicious.

(now I think I’ll go to the fridge and retrieve a cactus cooler!)

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In So. Cal. (and I suspect other areas with a high Hispanic population), people make tamales in mass quantities, and sell them around the holidays. I bought chicken/green chile for $20 for a dozen.

Guess what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow!

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Make a right at Saticoy instead of a left and go that same short distance east and you end up where the Karate Kid lived and Mr. Miyagi worked.

19223 Saticoy St Reseda


I’ve bought plants from California Carnivores but never been lucky enough to go there. Great plants and great people.

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cactus nursery

Trust me, when nursing a cactus you do NOT want to breast-feed.


I think the diapers with all the holes would be a bummer, too.


A couple of other horticultural landmarks in or near the Valley:

  • Theodore Payne Foundation, 10459 Tuxford St, in Sun Valley - carries a wide selection of drought-tolerant California native plants
  • Matilija Nursery, 8225 Waters Rd, in Moorpark - a somewhat narrower selection of drought-tolerant plants, but in much larger numbers. They propagate plants for the Channel Islands National Park and the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
    Enjoy the spectacular diversity of plant life in Southern California!
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A couple of other metal dinosaur locations in Reseda…

(photo supplied to Roadside America by me)

Roadside America grudgingly accepts them for listing :smiley:

Reseda, California: Metal Dinosaurs

Two rusty metal dinosaurs statues are side by side on a suburban street corner.

“Lawn creatures from prehistory are increasingly less rare, but anyone who can afford a pair to augment their neighborhood wildlife deserves a nod.”

By the way – same guy behind all the various metal dinosaurs and their plant nursery homes.


I didn’t notice the contents of the Can Vendor until the second look through.

I have heard of Cactus Cooler but don’t think I’ve ever tried it.

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Cool fact that I only recently noticed: there are (at least) a couple of high-tension lines running north-south through the Valley; one runs alongside Wilbur Avenue and Aliso Canyon Wash and another alongside Lankershim - I’m sure there are others. What’s cool about it is that (probably due to zoning difficulties) the ground beneath them is mostly covered with nurseries. Miles and miles and miles of nurseries - I’m actually surprised to find that California Nursery Specialties is not in either belt.