IBM Security survey finds users value "security" over "convenience"

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"security" over "convenience"

That’s my motto.

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In other news, 100% of white people self-report that they are not racist.


Haha, are we really going to fall for this?

Lemme reword the headline:

“Security consultancy company releases online marketting survey showing security is important”

The ‘first time ever’ isn’t even in the study! It’s only the first time in the history of their research because this was the first time they ran the study!

In the report, they basically showed users a range of use cases, ranging from “online banking”, “online investing”, “online budgeting”, “work” and “online shopping” and asked users to rank ‘security’, ‘privacy’ and ‘convenience’. Shocking everyone, for their cherry picked choice of mostly financial products, their participants chose Security time and again. Privacy came last, BTW.

But obviously, you can’t actually just rank stuff like that. Absurdly inconvenient security measures to access basic services don’t serve anyone. Force people to change their passwords too often and people will just use passwd1, passwd2 etc. Given the reality of compromises everyone makes all the time (how long do you want your password to be, for example) this study is utterly meaningless.

You can find the full report by googling “IBM Security: Future of Identity Study”, you can conveniently bypass the login using google cache. Or you can create a passworded account with them if security is that important to you.

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No matter how convenient an insecure system may be at present, it will inevitably be way more inconvenient when compromised. Looks like people have finally figured out that security vs. convenience is a false dichotomy.

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Well, that’s good.
Thing is, everybody lies in surveys.

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