Ice cream drivers at war


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I think Radiolab did an episode on two warring ice cream vendors in Oregon last year. Very much worth listening to.


In this cold war the ice cream men are only proxies. One side of the cold war is being funded by capitalist children in private schools and the other side is being funded by communist children in public schools. The homeschool students have remained neutral and are brokering negotiations.


The 1099 world is tough indeed. This never happens to W2 guys, they know exactly where their turf ends.


Doesn’t this story get written by a major newspaper, like, three out of every four years?


Mr. Bunny!

(Besides Comfort and Joy, ice cream wars were also the main plot device in an episode of New Tricks.)


Don’t push these guys.


“bell-jingling fleets of pleasure craft festooned with pictures of perfectly swirled desserts and beaming children.”

Sounds nice on the surface, but underneath lurks the heart & soul of a hardened Ice Cream Warrior.


Summarising, the Glasgow ice cream wars were a turf battle between gangs of heroin dealers who used ice cream vans as their distribution networks. It would be interesting to know if this is the explanation in the case in the article.


Apparently Ice Cream & Horse are paired well together.



The times also had an article recently about the battles between the Beatles-specific buskers at Strawberry fields. It too was replete with heightened language and featured an arc of a recently deceased iron-fisted dictator who managed to keep the peace, and the dawning of a newer, more democratic/technocratic peace. These street-economy turf wars must be NYC’s version of covering the local 4H club…


Gangs. Heroin. Knife crime. Ice cream.


Thought of Comfort and Joy immediately too. One of my favorite movies ever. I had no idea though that it was more or less a documentary!

“Mr. Bunny is a rogue elephant. He does not play by the rules, Mr. Bird.”

“The unwritten ones?”

Bill Forsyth has created some true gems. Y’all owe it to yourselves to see every one of them. I loved Local Hero as well.



Maybe they’re just lonely and need some friends…


You don’t mess with people who have cash businesses. Car washes and ice cream trucks man, you do not mess with them!


Ice Cream Wars must be a thing… Who knew?


One of my all time favorites