Ice Cube to start as Ebenezer Scrooge in new film

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Meh - I prefer Ebeneezer Goode.


Yes they are.

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No “Ghost of Friday (that time Christmas was on a Friday)?”

I do not want to sound racist and with all the respect to the Ice Cube’s acting abilities but: my analysis of The 1% clearly shows that the average Ebenezer Scrooge is old white turd and I doubt Ice can play that well.

Details. You don’t have to be that rich to be a hard-hearted, tight-fisted jerk.

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Well y’know it’s aspirational. We will truly have achieved equality when black people can also be Donald Trump.

I know it’s obviously going to be a “bad” movie, especially given the pedigree of the director, but I can’t NOT want to see this.

You know that ANY sentence which starts “I don’t want to sound racist, but…” is gonna sound racist, right?

Seriously, even innocuous statements that have nothing to do with race will suddenly sound racist if you start them that way. “I don’t want to sound racist, but pumpkin pie is my favorite dessert.” “I don’t want to sound racist, but do you have the time?”


If there was ever a time to brag about having written the 2005 version of Fantastic Four it’s now. Compared to the version that recently hit theaters he gets to look like a goddamn genius.

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No, unless you judge the nature of the sentence buy that part, and this one is rather sarcastic if you keep your concentration long enough to read it tip the end. It has been defined by Chomsky or it is just invention of the internet?
They actually sound as both sentences lack logical connection; kind a really badly written Haiku. And you can actually use any adjective in the sentence and it will make it as senseless:
“I don’t wanna sound angry but but pumpkin pie is my favorite dessert.”
“I don’t wanna be sleepy, but tomato soup is awesome.”
“I don’t wanna be grumpy, but this thing is beautiful.”

Did you assume my race just by reading the first part of sentence?

I dont want to sound racist, but can I talk to you about Jesus?


Samuel L. Jackson or Chris Tucker? Chris could use his hairstyle from “5’th element”, looks like Trump’s:

He only needs to practice the Trump’s permanent duck face.


He (trump) really does have his facial expressions down. I would looove to see a trump/Tucker Smirk-Off.

I don’t want to insult your commenting ability but I find that comments are usually written by people with an actual thought in their head.

I don’t want to cast dispersions on your character but only an ass-hat would write something like that.

I don’t want to underline your failure to grasp your own racism but you fail to understand the underlying motivations of your speech acts.

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New game thread?


That is an assumption that you can take, no one will stop you. Though you should be able to prove it, which (I assume) you avoid by using “usually.” This way you are able to avoid explicitly accusing me but still keep the accusation implicitly valid.

The rest of what you have written is also just an assumption you have dragged from the beginning of sentence. As I have written, it is sarcasm. If you take it seriously , I am sorry. You can judge me by it, that is your thing.

I’m hoping this is the tentpole of a new franchise of “A Christmas Carol” films-to-come.


and just when you thought ice cube couldn’t get any more gangsta