White supremacists call for Star Wars boycott because imaginary brown people

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I feel deeply for the stupid, really I do. Especially those that work so hard at it, stupid takes work ya’ know.


Not seeing a down side to this. More seats for me? Not sitting next to a meth head with neck tattoos? “Oh no, Br’er Bear! Not the brier patch! Anything but the brier patch!”


Oxygen. Come on. Don’t give this thing a platform.
Some arseholes don’t want to watch Star Wars. Great. They’re arseholes. I’m glad I won’t see them at the movies. They’d probably be using their phones and talking and being generally arseholes anyway.

Cos their arseholes.


These are obviously the people who liked Jar-Jar, Watto, and the Neimoidians in Phantom Menace.


These idiots want attention. Too many people are giving it to them.


You know - I actually had a revelation about the Phantom Menace on my Facebook a month ago…


Sadly, those people breed too, so they won’t die out as they should in this generation.

Not everyone raised by racists become racists. And vice versa. One’s life experiences can lead to either conclusion.


And here I figured this was started as a way to screw with people. Sure there were always people that actually thought this, so it figures there’s an easy way to rile them up.

I would be so outraged if I actually saw what the malefactors said. I trust it was racist.


I know, I think most kids can actually probably handle sex slavery, but Jar Jar was just too dark for it to get a PG rating.


(via @funruly - and it’s in the linked article)

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I am kinda wondering if we’re also going to see an end to the uncomfortably racial stereotype alien, uh, races, with Lucas gone.


I saw that much. That’s all? One horrible tweet? My son is that horrible before breakfast.

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The whole thing is hateful idiots being hateful idiots in public and getting laughed at.

What did you expect?

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I dunno. Creativity? (sigh) The banality of evil.


Sometimes an alien is just a penis. I mean, a cigar!

It seems funny that people would complain about the movie on this basis since the characters are not even human anyway. What are the “races” on Coruscant? Why no outrage before about dark-skinned aliens which were not (that we could see) portrayed by dark-skinned humans? Was Greedo “white”? Were Ewoks? It is such an arbitrary benchmark of stupid to apply human racist criteria to a fictional universe populated by non-humans.

Also, many online ranters need to be schooled that “propaganda” means putting forth a certain perspective on things, beyond simply “depictions of stuff I just don’t like”. It’s like those mumbling records you could play for psych patients where you could ask “what are they saying?”, and get them to unload their kooky projections upon you. No wonder some of these characters get a bit defensive when they try earnestly explaining how they see these ridiculous agenda everywhere.


Which ridiculous agenda are you referring to?

Brown people = BAD

Hairy sasquatch-like sidekick = OK

adorable teddy bear guerrilla army = OK

bulbous-headed salamander humanoid = OK

gigantic criminal slug (who apparently likes sexy human women in bikinis) = OK

and, of course, desert planet cantina filled with all manner of non-human weirdos = OK

In other words, brown humans and white humans are the same race, both on Earth, and as far as I can tell in the Star Wars universe. It’s those other aliens that are the different races.

We should be saving our hatred for Jar Jar Binks (but not actually because of his race.)