Racists angry at "cuckold culture"

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The Reich Wingers are the perfect example of how the GOP promotes ignorance as a virtue. That is how they produce a coalition of religious zealots, economically illiterate and terminally stupid.


That such a rabid and pointless level of hate can exist with no other purpose than to simply hate and threaten is sad. In the midst of all the stormer’s and their ilk are probably people who could have a much more enjoyable and productive life if all their energy wasn’t sucked away in useless hate. Get over it kids. There’s a lot of different kinds of people on earth and life is short to piss your life away for no valid reason. Be Brave, Think for yourself and stop letting people tell you who to love or hate.


Considering the fact that the interracial cuckold fetish genre they’re so “afraid of” is born of barely-concealed racist undertones, there’s probably a good chance many of these frothing fools spend much of their time spanking it to the very porn they are decrying, which could certainly explain the skewed filter through which they view the world.


On the bright side, these creeps probably number in the hundreds. But it’s really disturbing to note the number of putative leaders who get linked to them, and then refuse to distance themselves in any way. Lookin’ at you, Huckabee.


I do declare, what an inciteful exegesis you lot have devised!



OMG - I saw someone post about this a month ago. I told them they were a fucking moron. People can write adult content for one thing, and content for children for another. It isn’t hard to do. George Carlin was on fucking Thomas the Tank Engine, for Christ’s sake.

And while I am aware of the Cuckold fetish, I don’t fully understand it. I also don’t know why many times they seem to emphasize it is a black guy with a white girl. It honestly seems sorta racist. Like it is such a horrible taboo to mix races or something.


So funny enough, “cuckold” as a fetish isn’t the worst thing out there, but it’s been co-oped to become derogatory as in “to lose one’s man card”. While I do not know where this connotation started, (nor do I care) I have seen it on /b/ for a while as a slur against any anons who might of shown compassion/empathy. (which is a bit funny since since I usually hanged out in /d/, which it’s actually meant for that fetish and not as a slur).

Overall, I’m not sure how to feel when stupid people are acting stupid. For all the MRA-lite Stormers might try and do, there’s some irony in the “Let’s protect our children by yelling slurs at children” stance. Sadly though, unlike a Darwin Award, these usually don’t remove the host from the gene gool, and worse, will cause others (kids and adults) to get the type of scars that can mess up a person for life.


That would be an interesting endeavor.

So I guess that’s a no?

Oh, man, I hope John Stewart skewers this before he retires.

Really, people who come up with this stuff is why the word “dumbfuck” was invented.


I am stealing that term. Thank you.

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How is it remotely possible for children to be part of a cuckold culture? I mean, literally? Child marriage is illegal in the U.S., so how would there be any child-husbands to be cuckolded by their child-wives?

They apparently know how to spell the word, which is better than usual…I’ll give them that.


Code of Alabama 30-1-4, 5: Minimum age for
contracting marriage; Consent of parents and bond required for marriage
of certain minors. Marriage under 16 is voidable, not void. Marriage between 16 and 18 without parental consent is not grounds for annulment.

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To be fair, 16 isn’t really a child. Especially not if you ask THEM. :wink:


There is no way these freaks are so obsessed with this and (apparently) know so much about it if their hard drives aren’t full of the porn. It’s a mirrored 4x10 walk-in closet.

Also, I saw no evidence of the theory (or anything else unwholesome), but the show is just terrible. Really painful to watch as an adult. Some cuckoldry would only improve it.


Not so fast. From one of the racists quoted in the article:

Bella and the Bulldogs, besides promoting anti-white (and consequently pro-black (heh)) race cucking…

I’m pretty sure the term is actually “cuckolding” unless you’re talking about one of those devices used for punishing witches. (Which is doubtlessly a fetish of its own.)


If they think this is bad, what do they think of Swiss clockmakers?


I’m mad as hell about cuckolded children, and I’m not going to take this anymore! What has this world come to when even a proud young white man’s own sister cheats on him with the enemy? Blow it out your “end times”, Impostor Earth!

Edit: I forgot, you don’t like GIFs, it’s a quote from Harry Lime in “The Third Man”

Don’t be so gloomy. After all it’s not that awful. Like the fella says, in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock. So long Holly.


Fixed it for you. So not worthy of his attention.