"Cuck"-obsessed conservatives may harbor dreams of being cuckolded


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More supporting data that many of the “concerns” of conservatives (and racists, since that’s a big theme in cuckold porn) are psychological projection. It would be amusing if their constant wrestling with their own demons and self-loathing didn’t do so much collateral damage.


It was kind of you to put it as “may”, but likely it’s a sure thing by the amount of time they put into the subject.


No, really? You don’t say!


I remember seeing some pornhub data that showed the largest consumers of interracial and transgender porn were in bible belt states.

Right-wingers lead some dangerously compartmentalized lives.


When I drove cross-country, I was floored by the number of “Adult Store” billboards on the interstates. Yes, we have “adult stores” outside the Bible Belt, but they’re not advertised on the interstate!


Since no one has said it yet, I will: Cuckholding fantasy involves two (at least) primary notes: sexual inadequacy (Small Penis Humiliation aka SPH) and race (Big Black Cocks aka BBC)


Trump has apparently made a decades-long habit of boinking the wives of his friends and associates. One of his alleged tactics is to get a buddy into the office and goad him into talking about who he cheats on his wife with while Trump secretly lets the wife in question listen in on the speakerphone, then meet up later for some revenge sex.

It hadn’t occurred to me that the guys whose wives Trump was banging were getting off on the idea too.


I know, it’s jarring.

Yep, there is a lot unpack given the demographic.


I thought CNN article was a bit crazy. Like I thought did some alt-right nut job hack CNN? But this… the only folks I know who seriously seem to be in to the cuckold fantasy are pretty far right on the spectrum. To me it doesn’t really seem healthy. I mean swing if you want to swing, whereas cuckolding seems one sided and getting off on shame/humiliation at best or treating your companion like a whore while you’re his/her pimp at worst.


Is it me or is it getting hot in here?


Oh, get a room you two, errr three.


I thought that was part of the whole Trump movement. Whenever he or the rest of Cult45 accuses someone of something it’s because they are doing it themselves.


No kidding. You mean they’re projecting? That’s so unlike a conservative.



(technically safe for work: woman displaying cleavage and “queen of spades” necklace)


Have you met the Kushners?

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Roger That!


I’ve seen it said on the Trump supporter subreddit that the only person they’ll say they’ve been cucked by is Trump himself. They praise the man for being able to get a model like Melania or pay for a porn star, but then of course deny that Trump would ever need to get aggressive with the women who have accused him of the things he’s already bragged about doing.

Dammit. And I was looking forward to stodgy British period piece porn where they never actually have sex and there’s just awkward silences and furtive glances at exposed ankles! I guess I could just watch the BBC for that though…


I saw a similar pornhub study. My takeaways were not quite bible - belt centered, since it was a trend that played out in other countries. Basically, the bigger the ethnic minority in a country or state, the more people fantasize about boning them.


Woah, where did you read that? Link?