#IceBucketChallenge: ALS Association withdraws trademark application


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I still think the field is wide open for the Boiling Water Challenge. And I haven’t heard a peep about liquid nitrogen.

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I think it’s understandable for the ALS Association’s thought process in that there’s something to the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, and that they do something to protect it and the Association’s interests. I’m not saying that they were right in thinking so, or the actual filing for the trademark, but I can see the reasoning. However it’s still a scummy move wanting to trademark something that’s not theirs, and something that has been fairly grassroots. This is why we can’t have nice things because at some point someone will try to monetize the situation.

I can see a quite innocent thought process - that trademarking it would allow them to go after the inevitable crooks and scam artists who have probably already set up online campaigns adopting the ice bucket challenge meme to trick people into sending them money…

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The key is following the proper sequence: Ice, Boil, LN

Actually, one probably could safely do a warm water dousing followed by LN, because Leidenfrost

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Is that anything like Eiswein?

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plenty of that is recommended.

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Funny thing. Today I got back the answer to my application to trademark the ™ symbol.

They said it was fine, but would only be enforceable if every use of ™ had another ™ appended to it in superscript.


Not admirable. Calculating.

They knew the backlash against their strong-arm IP grab would bring the recent money train to a halt.

“Wow, that’s a really cool thing that someone else is verifiably documented to have come up with. I think I will trademark that thing.”

Seriously though, what did they think they were going to accomplish?

Palestinians have come up with this:

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