New logo for the Rio Olympics


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That’s an instant collector’s item! If I cared more about the Olympics I would snap one up in a hurry!


That’s quite apropos.

I especially like the punny caption.


Lawsuit by the IOC in three… two…



(^ I don’t actually have an image for that, but the world needs this one.)


Hello Internets? Yes, this is Babs…


You rock.


Not that this will stop them; but does the IOC’s super-trademark have any additional protections against parody that normal trademarks don’t? Unless it does, this seems like a clear-cut case that will probably be lost through sheer brute force.


The shirt is already gone!

As for lawsuits, it seems flimsy to me. This is not actually their trademark, so their claim is not likely applicable.


It’s the Olympics. Everybody tends to jump through hoops to keep the IOC happy.

I mean, just take a look at the list of demands the IOC had for visiting Norway about an Olympic bid.


Making lots of demands is hardly the same as saying that everybody tries to satisfy those demands. Or, as you say, to “keep them happy”. My guess is that most people are neither impressed by nor concerned about the IOC’s demands.

My point was that even if people acknowledge a right to protect a trademark, this does not explain the many lawsuits filed which claim infringement which does not actually involve one’s trademark. Since the IOC haven’t trademarked Nephelus’ design, they have no claim upon it from which to sue. They would be recognized however in suing those who bootleg merchandise which uses their own logo.


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