Olympics to companies: mentioning "Olympics" in social media is a trademark violation


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The IOC is just an Olympic-sized swimming pool of bullshit.


I am looking forward to the day when the rest of the world stops paying any attention to the Olympics because they won’t let us talk about them at all.

I mean, I’m already there, but if this is how they want to play it…


Olympics Olympics Olympics Olympics Olympics! Sue me!


You are correct. Specifically though, this article is referring to the actions of the U.S. Olympic committee, a small part of the IOC cartel.


Soooooo… #TheEventThatShallNotBeNamed ?


On the plus side, nobody wants it in their cities any more, so maybe the whole thing will just go away.


I’m getting a little tired of your whatever-the-opposite-of-hyperbole is!


You know, they’ll finally crack down and nobody will be talking about them at all. But they’ll have a hefty advertising budget, on the TV that nobody watches any more, and the newspapers nobody reads.

Cf: Hollywood; major record labels


It took a little over 100 years for the IOC to become such a festering pool of corruption and privilege that everyone with any sense is walking away in disgust.


More like #ScrewThosePeople.

From the encouragement of cities to exploit their people and resources and bankrupt themselves to the absolute horrendous opulence that the heads of the IOC demands, I’m so sick of the Olympics, pro-sports (Screw the NFL too), and the like. I love the idea of an amateur worldwide competition, and if the Olympics was all about sports I’d love it. But now it’s just about the cash and corporate sponsorships. #ScrewTheOlympics.


The NFL, FIFA and similar organizations are just about as zealous of their sponsorships and trademark.


Olympic trademark law isn’t like normal trademark law. The Olympic trademark is granted by Congress, not the trademark office: 36 USC 220506. They quite possibly are legally correct, as retarded as that might be. But then, ask AEG their opinion. They changed a logo rather than try to fight.


I’d say “hypobole” but that looks like it’d be an early-winter college American football event.


They are, and as a result I’ve significantly scaled back my World Cup viewing and told advertisers why I’m not buying their products.


Christ, what a bunch of assholes.


I wonder what the term for that would be…

A pride of lion
A murder of crows

How about “a clutch of assholes?”


A sphincter of assholes, methinks.


An olympiad of assholes, naturally. That seems to be a natural unit of measurement in this context.


but olympia is a rather generic term and afaik only the IOC demands special copyright laws for every country hosting the games (or even thinking about a candidature - the German law overriding older copyrights was passed in 2004 when iirc Berlin planned to throw out money host olympic games)

eta: replace copyright with trademark.