Urban Outfitters' 'Navajo Hipster Panty' lawsuit still ongoing


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I’M a hipster panty!


Not to make light or anything. I side with the tribe on this.

Isn’t anyone going to sue for the Hipsters?


(Said with deep, guttoral vocal fry)



Are you claiming that vocal fry is cultural appropriation?


As much as I love supporting the historically oppressed underdog, I really can’t support the idea that the word “Navajo” should be a federal trademark any more than, say, “Mexican,” “Sudanese,” “Irish,” or “Native American” should be trademarks. No approval of the Navajo Nation is implied by the term “Navajo” on its own any more than it’s implied that any random Mexican restaurant is endorsed by the people or government of Mexico.


just to be clear, is ‘hipster’ being used to describe the cut of the garment, or the people who might wear them?

…it seems ambiguous.


As a leading member of my own neo-retro-hipster collective, all I can say is I have a Number Station to work on and urban citrus to forage.

…and old episodes of Daria to watch.


Looks itchy.


They could always call them ‘Pendleton Hipster Panties’ but then they would have to deal with lawsuits from a different group.


All I’m saying is, if you haven’t tried a vocal fry with mayonnaise you are missing out.


Damnit Michael, its Aioli!!!


You say Aioli I say Miracle Whip.


The test to me seems to be that if Navajo clothing line from American Apparel is ok then American Apparel clothing line from the Navajo nation should also be ok.


I feel that the term Navajo is plenty descriptive, and specific. However why not just keep the same print on the panties but call it something different? Or would the Navajo people sue over the usage of the pattern as well? (i doubt this but i think it’s a valid question)


Sounds like the lyrics to a Country & Western tune.


Nope. But they could make “American” or “Apparel” clothing, unless you think someone should be able to trademark either of those two “generic” (in trademark speak) words singly.

American Apparel didn’t use the mark “Navajo Nation” they used the word “Navajo.” Does anyone think the Navajo Nation should be able to sue you if you sell a Navajo rug?

I’m just worried that Boing Boing didn’t get permission from The Hipster People™ to use the term “Hipster”…


I missed where Urban Outfitters turned into American Apparel.


Urban Outfitters is still paying their bills, I believe.


What? They’re separate companies. Urban Outfitters owns Anthropologie – a beautiful looking store – and has had a couple of shuttered ventures, but I don’t think any of them have even carried American Apparel apparel which tends to compete.

The UO corporate campus in the Philly’s old Naval Shipyards is a joy to behold. So much appropriation under one (well, several) beautifully restored roof!