Iceland's Pirate Party to receive millions in election funding


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So what would have to happen for them to force a general election?


The Pirate Party would like to invite you to the Pirate Party, cash bar and wi-fi, all you can eat one night only, membership required and available for purchase.

Oh yeah.


35% of £1.6 million is not “millions” (except in Icelandic krona); it’s £560,000, which is about US$800,000.


I hadn’t ever thought about the Icelandic political process before, but this seems kind of weird considering that the country is small enough that standing on a Reykjavík street corner and speaking in a loud voice would reach a sizable portion of the electorate. So I can see why they don’t really care about funding.
This is all so refreshing given the clusterfuck that is American politics right now, the role of big money and the prominence of he-who-shall-not-be-named.


I LOVE iceland for so so so many reasons!!! Birgitta Jónsdóttir would make a great Prime Minister. If any country could rock a pirate party leader they could.

this gives me hope for the world! hurray for iceland!

(starts planning next vacation…)


So an oversized wooden chest filled with doubloons is probably out, then?


Isn’t the wooden chest always a bit too small so the doubloons will spill out the top?


Printing and posting a leaflet to reach every rural household will cost a fair bit even in Iceland. Say 120,000 households, printing cost around £2000, plus postage of around £18000.


But they could just shout louder! Or stop by everyone’s house one weekend…


Good point. I can only assume that the chest is carefully designed by project managers, since it is always visibly oversized; but also visibly overfull, no matter the financial state of the buccaneer in question.


I need to get on that myself. I’ve always wanted to check out the country, and Iceland Air added direct flights from Denver to Reykjavik a few years back.


Don’t address Icelanders by their [patronym] ( . “Birgitta Jónsdóttir” or just “Birgitta”, but just “Jónsdóttir” should be avoided.


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