Ideas for the web: localised measurements

Continuing the discussion from Electric Mini available next year:

You know, since we already have libraries that do this for languages, currencies and time, this might not be a bad idea. I could see myself making a plugin for Angular or Vue to do this.

Which raises another question: if we can do this more often in the future, mark units as such by wrapping them in a standardised tag so that browsers can automagically change them, know whether to be exact or ballpark, would it catch on? Would the euro work today if it were easier to swap Lire with Mark with Franc on the fly, or will one system win out if both are offered?


Currency might be tricky since it changes over time, but an estimate would still be useful as long as no financial guarantees were being made.

It opens the door for some less useful things using the same technique/concept. For instance you could specify today’s dollars, where an attribute indicated the value was 1950’s dollars.

I always thought there should be a way to show someone’s current age as well.

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