Identify fast food promotional toys


What can you share about this mysterious toy?

It says Subway on it and 2002 and has a Cartoon Network imprint.

It’s a promotion for …


I found this.

Not much help…


I’m not sure what it is, but it’s definitely got a re-painted Plumbus right on the front:


Probably from the Cartoon Network series “Time Squad” range of toys.

It’s a poor picture, but it seems to fit after cross-referencing @daneel’s link.


Awesome! Looking too for the tie-in …


Nailed it!!


:slight_smile: I’m afraid to ask …


It’s a poor the most awesome picture,



Everyone has a plumbus in their home.


Why, though? I’m hoping @M_M just helped solve an elaborate murder mystery.


Skills like Poirot . :smiley: If Poirot had zero sense of style and horrible social anxiety issues. Which would make a really dull TV series.


I hoped it would be a fun game to guess the pop culture provenance of our fossilized promotional toys of ancient times twelve years ago. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone else will post a tougher one …


Oooh, right. If I knew it was, like, for fun, I would have been way more entertaining about it. Identifying weird widgets was kind-of my thing once. [quote=“hello_friends, post:12, topic:80852”]
Maybe someone else will post a tougher one …

I really like the idea of an "Identify the object " game.


Like Doc Martin, except for pop culture puzzles? I love Doc Martin. You figured it out pretty fast. :slight_smile: I like it because it blends tech stuff with pop culture stuff while highlighting how essential yet ephemeral the pop culture part is for meaningful communication.


Not seen Doc Martin yet. I’ll give it a watch, thanks.

I’ve got a real fascination for throwaway, lowbrow pop culture stuff because of it’s transient nature. Like the way that a soap-opera wedding will be a huge talking point among viewers, even spilling over into non-watchers collective cultural consciousness only for it’s importance at the time to be swiftly forgotten. Sometimes this will leave a mark and become something greater, a shared experience. Most times it’s consigned to the trash can of history. Much like a promotional toy. :slight_smile:


Yes, lost, though the asymmetrically socialized costs of fast food have abided. :smiley_cat:


Have you ever seen a promotional universal lego brick?

That is, one designed to join other bricks with either posts or sockets? Can it even be done? I’ve looked for 3D printed versions on Thingaverse without much luck.

If there have been useful design insights — like a universal lego brick — buried inside a cloud of proprietary pop culture promotions, those might be worth excavating.


Not that I’ve seen. Nearest thing that would attach to both studs or sockets would be something like this:

But for a truly universal building brick system, Id be down in the sticklebrick zone.


Wow. What is that? Are we playing the game now? :heart_eyes:



Free Universal Construction Kit?


So cool!! … Dude. The universe of toys is one.