Poop-themed toys rule New York Toy Fair


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This thread needs :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop: for likes instead of :heart:


No shit! I mean I agree with you.


It’s certainly shaping up as the Decade of Faeces (playing with it, making celebrities out of it, electing it to high office etc). I wonder what explanations future anthropologists will come up with.


“that means that you need to get ready for an enormous variety of poop-themed toys”

Ready? I’ve been waiting all my life.


Kids love poop.


Coming next: Poop ball guns based on paintball technology - or at least Nerf guns that shoot brown, lumpy projectiles. Shit Wars!


The end times truly are upon us…so why not?


Let’s be adults here, I refer to it as post rectal discharge


All kids love log!


The world is going to shit.


Why buy poop-themed toys at such high prices?

For just $15 you can take my two-week crapfting course and learn to make your own poop toys using material produced by your very own body!

As we like to say: give someone a poop, they’ll play for a day; teach them to poop, they’ll play forever. Enroll today!


This is an offal topic.


I’ve heard of Lincoln Logs - does that mean there will be Trump Logs soon?


We’ve always done that. Perhaps what’s starting to be different is that we’re starting to call it what it is. We’ve still got a long turd to flush but maybe we’ve started the journey.


that’s for real: poop is the new trend!
I create an entire gadgets line on it


South Park should sue.



Say no more.


Poop toys from Florida company may go a long way in explaining Florida Man.