Interactive 3D poop models to help kids characterize their doody


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Do the kids get to keep the models? Because I would have had many applications for gags as a child.

Somebody take my money. I never knew I needed a tridimensional stool assessment instrument, but by golly I know I do now!

Warning, plastic poop below.

No, no; “awesome” begins a-w, not w-a.

Well, ya learn something new every day… I always thought that Type 4 was called “The Zeppelin”

Bristol Stool Tart, anyone?

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I was thinking… Modern technology should allow one to laser scan ones output and then reproduce it with a 3D printer in a non smearable medium (do they make lavender-scented-printer-stock?). Does Amazon have “Kickstarter for Dummies”?

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That’s good shit.

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My Welsh friend once had a case of the trots and I still crack up at his description:
“It was like a flock of starlings, Jim.”

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I once heard Cookie “Chainsaw” Randolph on KGB-FM in San Diego describe one unusually urgent visit to the loo as being akin to “dropping off an entire busload of extremely boisterous and unruly kids at the pool.”

That movement when I actually hope an article leads to a Buy Me Now opportunity.

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Everybody poops!

Mr. Hanky approves.

I dunno about you guys, but those are some fucked up looking chicken nuggets in type 5.

I’ve had those before. Not bad at all.

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