Worst Happy Meal toys ever

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I was prime happy meal age when the toothpaste came out, but I don’t recall getting it. Seems like the kind of traumatic experience that would stick with you.

The minions were a bit of a stretch. I remember those being pretty decent (as happy meal toys go). I don’t think a few hard-of-hearing pearl clutchers is enough to qualify the toy a “top 5 worst”. Especially considering the complete junk McD puts out most of the time.

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Favourite happy meal toy - a plastic “iPod” that played a 10-second sample of the chorus of Aqua’s Barbie girl


I’m not sure if it was in the same line or a later one, but they also had pedometers at one point. I ran a few McDonald’s restaurants and we used to try to wear them and sometimes after 8-12 hour shifts we’d still be at only like 100 steps.

If you ask people who worked there, I think we’d call different ones worse. I hated the Ty ones the most. People would lose their minds about which one they were getting.

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The linked article is really shabby. Seems to mostly draw content from this list of 15 from The Recipe, which also includes pictures.

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