Idiot middle school teacher allowed student to wear KKK costume for class presentation

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No MAGA hat? I thought that was standard issue for bigot wear.


There are, unfortunately, a depressing number of bigot uniforms from which to chose.


“There was no racist movement behind it,” Clark said. “I mean there was Black kids in the classroom, they all thought it was good. Nobody felt targeted.”

This just show how badly framed this “lesson” was. Plus, do they image that no one felt targetted because no one spoke up? Terrorizing those who are insufficiently white is the objective of the “costume”.


As a bad idea, that’s up there with the guy who thought it would be cute to show up at New York’s West Village Halloween Parade, wearing a Nazi uniform and Hakenkreuz armband with his girlfriend dressed as Eva Braun on his arm.

When I saw him he was walking home, stony-faced, with every person he passed shouting insults at him. I had the feeling he did Nazi that coming.


I can guarantee that if someone said anything then they would have been targeted. Silence is not approval, it is a self preservation technique.


“Cartman, remind me to kick your ass next time I see you!”


and nobody punched him? surprising restraint from my fellow new yorkers.


No racist movement behind it!?

The KKK is a racist movement.


Thank you! I was screaming when I read the headline because this is literally a classic South Park episode.


I think Pulaski, Tennessee is the birthplace of the KKK, rather than Kentucky. I don’t know if the name played a part in the kid’s choice and they were confused about which state they were in. But there’s a bit of geography/history trivia for your own pleasure.

I’m assuming that this is referring to the episode where Cartman showed up at school dressed as Hitler for Halloween. The teacher (rightly) found that unacceptable and forced him to cover up that costume with an improvised “ghost” costume made out of a white sheet and pillowcase, with unfortunate results.

I don’t know why, but I’ve been trying to find a case in benefit of the kid. But it’s really fucking hard, impossible, really.
Why would you wear the costume on the bus? Why the costume at all?
I can get wanting to showcase negative people from the area, historically, in the right context. But there are ways to do that without actually personifying them. Ways that wouldn’t feel, to other students, like this movement is welcome on campus.

facepalm GIF

Depends on which KKK you’re talking about… the second KKK was born in Stone Mountain, GA, while the first was in Pulaski… most people probably think of the second KKK, because that’s when they were the most widespread and most political powerful.

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