White teacher reprimanded black 13-year-old student by saying he might get "lynched"


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Please don’t be Georgia, please don’t be Georgia, please don’t be Georgia:


It’s Ohio, home of Grant and Sherman.


I declare! Whatever could be wrong with a teacher saying a young black person might get lynched?


Apparently Nathan told the teacher the comment was racist and she questioned why he would think such a thing.

Not only is that teacher ignorant on the subject of American History, she’s also not up on more recent events:


Nathan needs to be promoted to the next grade and she needs to be fired and stripped of her teaching certifications.


Telling a child he may be tortured and murdered by his classmates if he doesn’t do better on his classwork? Obviously nothing wrong with that. I am sure that death threats are right there in the Ohio teaching manual under “best pedagogical practices,” especially for those lazy unmotivated brown students. Gotto motivate those darkies somehow.


I recently had to question someone’s needless hyperbolic use of the word, reminding them that the reality is so much worse than their glib exaggeration.



I wonder…who she may have voted for in the 2016 Presidential Election? I just…I dunno…I wonder.


Honestly, knowing some clueless white ladies in this world… my guess on the odds would be 60% Trump and 40% Hillary.


Now, now, everyone… the teacher “misspoke!” Clearly she actually meant that his friends would gang up and take him to lunch. What a nice gesture! Isn’t friendship grand?



I gotta wonder why “his friends” are mentioned as the one’s who’d do it. Racism and violence threats aside (as if that’s not bad enough) alienating a young person from their peers on purpose and implying that violence against them from other students is condoned by authorities is already an epic level of bullying. Maybe she didn’t see what was racist about it because she was so busy thinking of all the other awful things she could do in that instant and racism was one she just happened on by accident.


“Agee-Bell asked officials to remove her son from the social studies class, which they did.”

A white teacher of social studies didn’t understand or know the history of lynching and why that might be problematic to say to a black student? Also assuming the teacher had said it to a white student it’s still immensely inappropriate to tell a kid his classmates are going to exercise violence on them for not performing in class.


Holy shit, Mason, Ohio again?


SW Ohio is known by many state natives to be incredibly bigoted.


it was no accident, it was just more gas lighting.


"As educators, sometimes we mess up. And clearly that happened here,"

No fucking shit, asshole.


There has been a lot of these stories coming out of GA lately… some coming not too far from ATL, too.


It’s practically Kentucky.