Idiots in the UK risk their community for the sake of socialization and bouncy castles

You can sing that entire song with “Dirty old town” as the only lyric. Try it and thank me later.


I don’t know about Manchester, but over the hills in South Yorkshire, Bouncy Castles and other party inflatables are operated by the local (barely) organised criminal gangs. Some of this is overt, the small town of Mexborough occaisinally makes the news due to confontations between the Pitsmoor Shotta Boys and the local Windhill Warriors, so named for a hill and handfull of streets in east Mexborough. A front of the latter is Warrior’s Bouncy Castles & Inflatables. As such, I wonder how mcuh of the BBQs and bouncy castles is posturing and nose-thumbing at the plod.


I think that any bouncy castle found at a gathering that violates the stay-at-home laws should be seized as evidence of intent to spread disease. And since the typical bouncy castle won’t fit in the boot of a single police car, it’ll have to be sliced up with knives and hauled away using about 8 cars.

I imagine the lender of the bouncy castle won’t be too pleased to have the shredded remains returned. Nope, not too pleased at all.

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