Turkey arrests 410 citizens for “provocative” coronavirus posts

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/03/25/turkey-arrests-410-citizens-fo.html


Provocative posts

Or just telling truth?


This is Turkey, so probably something like, “I think that the government could maybe do a bit more when it comes to combating the spread of the virus.” either that, or Dick-shots with face masks.


Oh no, the Genie is out’a the bottle, again.


i was picturing that by “provocative” they were literally arresting people for being horny on main


That sounds like a Captain Beefheart Album.


I read the Reuters story linked to - seems some of the posts were just guys being assholes.

Some of the arrests were over posts that showed youths mocking elderly people for venturing outside during the lockdown, he said. Such posts have been a source of public anger in Turkey.

But some were perhaps (or perhaps not) more censoring - definition of ‘militant’ in Turkey may be different.

He said that most of the accounts were linked to militant groups, without giving further details of the identities of the suspects.


Also, my response to the government spying on me via my cam.

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I’m confused about the “old people venturing outside thing.” Where I live, it is considered good form for people to walk alone through public parks and that sort of thing because exercise boosts ones immune system. Walking alone in nature at a safe distance not really touching anything is of course a much different situation from other, riskier possibilities wherein one has left their domicile

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