If cats ruled the world


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If cats ruled the world

You mean they don’t?


i was thinking the same thing as @Papasan “…IF??”



There’s a typo in the headline. Someone inserted the word “if”.


The ancient Egyptians tried to warn us we’d end up worshipping those furry critters. Too bad it took so long to translate the handwriting on the walls…

Why humans are so enchanted with cats

Let’s not give ‘Fluffy-Buffy-Boot-Kins’ any ideas about world domination, now.



and Yoda

already know no human can resist the power of ADORBS!
Belly rubs shall be performed at their behest!


Still… what’s their agenda?! What’s their… sinister game?!


Wet cat food as often as possible. The good stuff. With gravy.


No. Cats use scent to mark their territory, so a cat’s plan for world domination would consist of making the world smell like itself.

As an aside, this is a more equitable economic system than our own. If you aren’t around something enough to make it smell like you, it should be up for grabs.


Damn, you were fast. Yeah, poor naive humans who think they have anything to say :wink:

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