The "weird familiarity" of century-old anti-feminist propaganda


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Well if cats got to vote we would all be living under emperor fluffy so it is probably a good thing.




Nasty cats. Sad!


Kitty Emperor Palpatine


My cats tell me how to vote. Pretty much the same thing.


Because cats have such awesome leadership skills :rolling_eyes:

Wouldn’t the cat vote be split between dozens of protest candidates?

At the debate: Lots of hissing.



Richard Dawkins looks pissed over on the left.




Who says cats don’t have the vote?


Grab them!


And scritch their fuzzy wuzzy widdle earses?


Absolutely. Don’t even wait.


Well at least we know where Ser Davos stands on the issue.


  1. Didn’t we have a post just like this a few months ago?

  2. Speaking of cat leading, didn’t Neil Gaiman make a story about how cats used to rule over man and were large, and all that they needed to rule again was believe they could? In the Sandman comic, I think?

Ah here it is.


He also has a short story about a cat who defeated the Devil.


About time they did something useful besides play with their food.

Wait a minute - was it the Cat and the Fiddle? Because that would make and awesome Devil Went Down to Georgia mashup.


Is there crying in baseball?