☀️ 🌴 If it weren't for California 🌵 ☀️


Inspired by today’s news of the passing of a state bill that will require conviction prior to any civil forfeiture less than $25,000 $40,000 (thanks for the correction, @tachin1!) , I decided to create a thread to share and appreciate all of California’s spearheading efforts that promise a vision of a future United States that doesn’t resemble a modern-day earthly limbo.

The other inspiration, of course, is the ‘If it weren’t for Canada’ thread, except this thread is intended to give current U.S. citizens a sense hope that doesn’t involve moving to Canada.


25 large? Just another law enacted by and for rich people to protect rich people’s assets. Text me when that limit drops to $500 or less.


My Nevadan beach resort wouldn’t have failed so badly.


I don’t think that’s quite accurate, FTA:

To curb “policing for profit,” SB 443 will:

Require a criminal conviction before agencies can receive equitable-sharing payments from the federal government on forfeited real estate, vehicles, boats and cash valued at under $40,000. This will mostly close the equitable-sharing loophole.
Raise the threshold to forfeit seized cash under state law, from $25,000 to $40,000.

Edit: I guess this should have been a response to @Snowlark


If it weren’t for California… the rest of the country wouldn’t know what stuff might cause cancer in the state of Califorina.


If it weren’t for California…

We wouldn’t have inside out sushi with crabstick and avo.


If it weren’t for California, Oregon wouldn’t be full of dirty diesel trucks and gold mining that doesn’t meet environmental standards there but do in Oregon. A similarly if it wasn’t for California the Oregon legislature would not have to deal with so many angry phone calls (:wink:) about Oregon’s comparative lack of environmental regulations.


If it weren’t for Cali, there would be a lot less fresh produce and dairy products available for mass consumption in the US.


If it weren’t for California, I’d have made billions off of my “Arizona beachfront property” scheme.



If it weren’t for California, my parents wouldn’t have met!


If it weren’t for California, Mexico would be much, much bigger.


If it weren’t for California, my mother wouldn’t have been born.


If it weren’t for California, I’d probably still be stuck in the Badger State.

And I’d probably be a gramma many times over by now. YIIIIIKES.



Um, I do believe that Nebraska did that with regards to civil forfeiture…

If it wasn’t for California, the loose nuts would just roll into the Pacific.


Sounds like we might need a ‘If it weren’t for [U.S. state here]’ thread.

Ooo. That could turn ugly, now that I think of it.


If not for California, Led Zeppelin would have written “Going to Arizona”, or “Going to Oregon”, “Going to Nevada”.

Really any of the options are less romantic sounding. Nevada flat out sinister.


I’d like to believe the latter is the first version, lying on a shelf somewhere, neither mastered nor released.