If only our DMCA notices were made of glass, how much more careful we would be when we file


That video is incredibly awesome. Wonderful. A wonderful thing.

The poem by Shaun Shane, called “If only our tongues were made of glass” is interesting.

I found a similar poem by the author Sean Shain:
It’s a very short poem:

If olny our tongs were maed of glas,
How mutch moar carefull we wood be wen we spaek.


If only our mouths were made of ass,
How much more would we stink when we speak?


A DMCA troll, On Press,
once claimed that but he could possess
the rights to a verse
but his claim did disperse
when Google put it under stress.


Oh, wow, you guys. Have you seen the Amazon page for Shaun Shane’s book? Its description, if it had one, has been replaced with a long, poorly-written, mono-paragraph rant about Tim Cushing and Amazon reviews.

None of these fake reviewers have read the book and have only come here, in what can only be described as disturbing (For who writes fake reviews unless the are emotionally disturbed) purpose of wanting to harm Shane.

This is comedy gold.

Regarding the video, it appears to have been posted identically under at least three accounts, one of which appears to have video of live poetry readings by Shaun Shane. I wish we could know whether he’s involved in the copyright trolling, or is even aware of it. He doesn’t seem to engage with the internet personally at all.


Embedded video isn’t working for me, but this one is:

If you read closely you will see on that video that

embedding is disabled by request

Pretty much always the case when someone complains embedding isn’t working…

“If only our tongues were made of glass,
think of the wounds
we could make
Shaun Shane’s
ass. . .”

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If our tongues were made of glass, a french kiss would make you bleed out fast . . .


Cushing, a self described " techy" who has a crude and amateurish blog on a site called Tech dirt.

Blarg! That’s hilarious. And sad. Yes, I suspect that this is a very clueless person who is hurting themselves rather than embracing what could be massive popularity. It’s sad.

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If only bullshit were glass they could at least have the consolation of polishing that turd.

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They claim that the author is dead.
He just got a copyright issued to him, at an address for a vacant lot.
No assignment of rights has been filed with the copyright office for On Press.
They claim the author’s name is a pen name.
They claim to be a subsidiary of a real publishing house that has never heard of them.

So one might need to point out the DMCA notice has a penalty of perjury, and yet no one is ever punished even in clear cases of fraud like this.
One needs to wonder why is there no mechanism to alert the copyright office that fraudulent information has been filed.

This idiot is a nice diversion while I wait for Pretenda to finally get flushed.
Copyright is a tool of bullies, and this is never what was intended.

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I read closely and saw on that video that

An error occurred, please try again later. Learn more

For me, when embedding isn’t working, most always it is because I’m in the wrong part of the world.
GEMA is horrid.

Yes, another reason for embedding not to work is region locking. Very true.

But it is frustrating how often people say “embedding no work” when they don’t even check if the video allows embedding…

That read like a free-verse sonnet.

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