If Rogue One: A Star Wars Story were an 8-bit video game

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Ah, considering the movie itself was a bit of retro self-indulgence (though, I loved it so), this seems appropriate. However, wasn’t Saw on Jedha, not Onderon? I believe your obligatory pastiche is now ruined.

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Most inaccurate video game adaptation ever!

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I remember going to Izzy’s house and playing that game. Well, I remember going to Izzy’s house and watching Izzy play that game. Sharing wasn’t his strong suit.

And he stole my favorite Hot Wheels. The truck with PA tags. I mean, the HELL, Izzy.

Anyway, I just remember endlessly going down to different screens. Or maybe that was Adventure.


It was probably Adventure. Still, we used to tease Izzy because he looked like Elliot from ET. I think it was Nils–but maybe Doug–who said Izzy was a test tube baby because his head was so big. But Nils/Doug was under the mistaken impression that test tubes were generally bulbous at the end. And a poor understanding of reproduction, generally.

Of course, we all did at the time.

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