'Star Wars: Rogue One' gets an Honest Trailer

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That’s the one with Khan, right?




Goddamn I hate these cynical, joyless Honest Trailers/How It Should Have Ended/Everything Wrong With _____ videos, that exist only to pander to sniggering point-and-laugh fanbros. They’re much of what makes YouTube awful.


I didn’t like rogue one, but my wife liked it. then we moved on.

but yeah this movie was terrible

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Meh. Uncanny Tarkin aside, I actually really liked it.


Rouge one got an honest trailer. Not rogue one.


“How It Should Have Ended” isn’t quite in the same category. They clearly love what they riffing and are just playing with plot holes and the like. And they actually create their own animated scenes rather than just snarking over clips.


Honest Trailers, even if they don’t love the movie they’re doing, love movies. And they treat the subjects the same whether the movie was good or not. (Though they do have a few where they just have to admit the movie is fantastic and then do what they can.)

They’ve even sat down with the directors and actors several times and discussed the “Honest Trailer” and everybody takes it in good humour.

I don’t think coming up with funny things and connections in a fake trailer qualifies at “point and laugh” as someone suggested above. (Everything Wrong With USED to tread this line, but in recent years is just mostly nitpicking without much wit and increasingly calls out things actually addressed in the movies if they paid attention.)


I had no problem with Tarkin, but Leia’s closeup was a bit creepy. Her, but not quite.

On the whole I loved Rogue One a lot. It’s one of the top-3 Star Wars movies. It’s everything Star Wars should be.


Indeed - I’ve only seen a few Honest Trailers and none have been overly sarcastic or snarky. I thought this one in particular was an affectionate dig at the film, and pretty much repeated quite a few thoughts I had during the movie, and I say that in the context that I really enjoyed it. Yes, Uncanny Tarkin was uncanny (but was also evidence we’re climbing out of the uncanny valley), but I’d watch it again.


Yeah, and Star Wars Episode Eleventeen is too sacred to mock.

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”Enjoy one of the most beautiful Star Wars films to date—that feels like the world’s biggest budget fan film.”

If I can be serious for a second, Rogue One felt more like an EU movie. C’mon, Lucasfilm, bring us a Mara Jade standalone film, one written by Timothy Zahn and where everyone grins at each other sardonically.

I’m serious about the Mara Jade story. Not so much the story line where she’s supposed to kill Luke Skywalker and ends up marrying him; more along the lines of her being the Emperor’s Hand and doing secret agent-y stuff.

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I didn’t see The Green Girl, so, no. Different sci-fi universe.

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I loved it.perfect pitching as a side stream story. Leia was unnecessary and freaky, badly done too.

Didn’t like that no matter what, no one was coming out alive! Massive plot destiny right from the outset.

The robot was very slick, and very funny.

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I read/heard something about this recently. From memory, there’s a theory that both of these characters could have been rendered realistically, but they are deliberately left in the uncanny valley because Hollywood is really uneasy about every iconic actor being able to be brought back from the dead and inserted into film digitally.

Most famous actors wills now stipulate how their likeness can be used after their death, in preparation for just these issues.


Interesting. How do you get from my very general expression of distaste regarding a pervasive genre of YouTube video to an inference that I believe this particular movie to be “sacred”?

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Oh, I’d better get on that.