If today's streaming services were around in the 80's

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And CG was $10,000/second. Literally.

It was amazing how much mileage someone with talent could get out of an animation stand. One reason we see so much magenta and blue is that it was easy to grab a blue filter, a red filter, and some opal glass and do a double exposure of blurry red over sharp blue. They would “dx” to magenta, fall off to blue, and no mattes were needed for that effect.


this made me realize that if Uber had been around in the 80s there would have been a hit tv show where a big-haired ex-criminal worked as an Uber driver solving crimes and trying to clear his name and my folks would have watched it and talked about plot points for the whole week in between episodes.

so what I’m saying is - I hated the 80s.



Seriously. When quicklime was introduced for the Mac…I downloaded a 10 second clip of a snowmobile from AOL. It think it took 2 hours.


the graphics are ok, but the music was bitchin’ hot.

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