If you are looking to clear your house of flies, look no further than the Bug-A-Salt

And spreading Zika, West Nile, heart-worm for your puppy, Chikungunya, etc. Compassion is complicated.


These are so damn fun. I got to use one at our friends’ B&B in the Adirondacks during black fly season. It can take two shots sometimes, but a direct hit looks like an early Cronenberg scene. And as @awfulhorrid says, they can definitely smart; keep away from the face!


Yeah it can work on most insects as long as they don’t have an overly tough body. Things like larger roaches and wasps would likely be able to survive getting blasted, i especially do not recommend using it on wasps as you’d only make them angry.

Maybe even…salty?


I thought “$45 for a bug killer sounds like a lot!” but after reading some of these comments, I kinda want one.

It depends on what your needs are. My main complaint with using swatters (even the electric racket looking one) is that you ultimately need to have the fly in an area that’s convenient for you to take your swing. And you could use a spray but sometimes the fly may land on something that you’d rather not have insecticide on… and i have a pet so spraying toxic stuff in some places isn’t desirable.

The salt gun is still not exactly a perfect solution, sometimes it takes me multiple attempts to land a killing shot but there’s something about shooting at a fly that’s satisfying in its own way. And you’ll look 100% silly when you break it out when there’s people over but that’s never deterred me :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s worth knowing, I was wondering just how effective one of those would be against the cats that regularly come into my garden and shit all over the place, and also try to kill the birds I feed.
Especially if caught while walking away… :smiling_imp:

For those that don’t want a ton of salt around. (I get flies and mosquitoes out in the shop in the warmer months, and can’t be flinging salt everywhere corroding and rusting equipment etc…

They do make cleaning wads for pellet guns…

Little felt pellets that don’t cause damage to hard surfaces, but will splat a bug like nobody’s business.

You do have to be a bit of a better shot as it’s essentially the rifle vs shotgun argument, and you do get little felt pellets everywhere, but there’s just something satisfying about smearing a little bloodsucker across wherever it landed.


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