If you buy just one 1940s celluloid caterpillar thimble holder


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I think that’s a slug.


That is a thing of beauty, and by beauty i mean glorious hideous retro kitsch, so bad, so good.


I think that title ends “…you’ll find yourself unable to stop, and wind up referring to yourself as a ‘Thimble Psycho’.”


Perfect next to the teletubbies post.


I’m holding out for the 6 thimble holder.


Is that like a thimble rigger?


That human-jawbone-on-acid will haunt me in my dreams, and by “my dreams” I mean “forever, starting right now”.





Option 1: Reboot Ghostbusters, substituting this monster for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Option 2: Dungeons and Dragons monster that tries to “protect” you with a loving psychic thimble between you and all those sharp pointy objects (i.e. your sword and dagger).


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