If you ever want to bring an alligator to school, don't


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[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:88598”]which were digitally drawn in Adobe Photoshop and colored in with Corel Painter[/quote]…I’ll bite. Is that a common thing nowadays? One would expect that Photoshop would have comparable coloring capabilities.

I guess it’s nice to hear that Corel still apparently has software with uniquely compelling features.


Saw headline, expected Florida Man story.

Leaving disappointed.


IIRC, Painter used to come with presets specifically designed to mimic physical media, when Photoshop was still phocused* on image manipulation and perfect, digital precision. A lot of illustrators who want their work to look physical still feel more at ease in Painter.

* Typo, but it stays.


It is the simulated natural media like watercolor with bleed and brush bristle simulation that painter has the photoshop does not.



I’ll throw on ‘If you ever want to bring a piano to the beach, DON’T!’ by the same author/illustrator.


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