If you have the right kind of poop, you can sell it for $13,000 a year


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A toilet that pays me a thousand dollars a month to stay crazy-healthy? sounds like a hell of a deal!


I may not have the right kind, but I am full of it.



We can only work with donors who work or live near Medford, Massachusetts.


Once again, the top 4% get all the money and the rest of us get shit. Never mind. I plan to undercut their price and make it up in volume.


TIL: Time.com is powered by Wordpress.

Ska doddley whadup boo poop a doop. That’s scat for,“careful you might stand in it”.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta see a man about a dog.

They may be flush with cash now, but what will happen when the competition tries to wipe them out?

And like a lot of biotech startups, there must be a concern that some of what they are promising is just vapour-ware.

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When I read about the success of the first shit transplant I wondered how they’d manage to jack up the price of shit. People donate kidneys and bone marrow to strangers, so it’s likely that many people would happily give a free shit to help out a fellow traveler. Why wouldn’t they? All you feel is good.

The FDA went so far as to classify shit as a drug to curb a potential onslaught of successful shit treatments. I guess their pharma masters were getting worried.

It’s like the dogs that can sniff out cancer. For some cancers, the dogs outperform the approved screenings, but how much can you possibly charge a person for a dog to sniff their underwear?


They’re not taking the piss?


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