If you insist on telling your dreams to others, here's how to do it

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I usually mentally tell the story back to myself as i remember the dream. Often times there’s a lot of fleeting details that you can’t quite recall the context for, and this is where you start simplifying it. Usually the story i end up telling isn’t actually how i recall the dream, but an approximation of it that makes enough sense for it to be told.

If the person i’m telling the story to is interested after having finished then i double back and add in the more colorful or odd details in and explain that i don’t know the context for them,

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“The reason other people’s dreams are boring is because most people are bad at telling stories.”

No, this is really not the case.


Exactly. If you insist on telling others how to relate your dreams, mansplaining is not the best way to do it.

Children are terrible storytellers? I think you mean children don’t yet understand classic story structure…

\5. Pick a really weird erotic dream. Like the one with the swimming pool full of lube. And the eels.

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That’s called Tuesday for some folks


I’ve personally never had trouble telling others about dreams, they usually find them somewhat interesting. I actually discussed this with my mother once, she pointed out my dreams tend to have an actual plot. Her dreams are not nearly so sensible.

We came to the conclusion since I spend a lot of time thinking about stories and writing and tend to think about my stories as I’m drifting off to sleep, my brain practices what I do in waking life in my dreams.

Benefit: dreams become more story ideas to write. Downside: for some reason filling in the missing details (and ending! Dreams always end so abruptly) feels like writing fanfiction, even though the canon work is a product of the exact same brain.


If you insist on telling your dreams to others…

Please stop insisting.

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