If you stare at this image, it allegedly "disappears"


Suddenly it looked just like my 401K


I stared into the abyss…and it stared back at me! I did exactly as you describe—I let my eyes go soft and looked past the image—and after a while I started seeing the reflection of my own face on the screen, which I normally don’t even notice.

(using a MacBook 13-inch, Mid 2010…it has a glossy screen)


Your comment reminded me of a painting class I took in college (to be clear: a studio arts course, painting with oils or acrylics on stretched canvas, painting still-lifes). The professor taught us to pay extra attention to the edges of the things we were looking at, and extra attention to how we treated the edges of the shapes we painted on our canvas. He said you can get away with anything in the middle of a shape, as long as you pay attention to the edges.

I found that the advice carries over to other things, such as gardening. If you take care of things on the edges (such as edge-trimming the lawn where it meets the sidewalk), and define boundaries (such as putting a brick border around a flower bed), you can let anything happen in the middle.


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