If you're in for Lovecraftian horror and Nazi punching, pick up B.P.R.D: 1946-1948

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Damn. I’m usually able to resist these … but today may not be that day…

Or, you know, just open the door and walk out into Main Street, U.S.A.


I could really go for some Nazi-punching right now.


The 1940s runs of BPRD are some of the best and introduce one of the the greatest characters in the Mignolaverse, Varvara. (although if you pay attention she actually appears in a painting in The Soul of Venice, which came out 5 years before). They also show little baby Hellboy in both adorable and heart breaking moments.


Lovecraft and Nazi punching. Two gritty tastes that are grittier together.


I have most of the early Hellboy comics. I love his style. I think I first was aware of it thanks to his Marvel Epic Mini-Series Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser.

He also did the last cover to DC’s The Shadow Strikes! Comic.

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BPRD comics were great! May still be great, I just havent had regular access to american comics for some years now. I need to check my TPBs and comics and see if I already have this content before ordering though.

I’ve got those somewhere. Have you read the books?

Yes. Most of them at least. I have a lot of the 70s era paper backs. I think his last book I haven’t technically read all the way.

I also have the short lived Sword of Sorcery comics from DC in the 70s. I dressed up as Grey Mouser one year for Halloween. Huh - looking it up I didn’t realize Howard Chaykin did some of the art and scripted the Mignola series. Crap - I hope he comes back to comic con - I can get those signed.

The Mignola versions really are just gorgeous. The muted colors enhance his art well and that whole feel carried into Hellboy. The colors were similar.

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Yeah, I’ve got enough on my plate and escapism seems pretty inaccessible to me right now?

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