Ignore User Bookmarklet

Continuing the discussion from Killfiles?:

@fiddlingfrog also requested this so I whipped up another bookmarklet.

Copy the bookmarklet here: http://jsfiddle.net/gwwar/6QBvB/ As always run the bookmarklet once per page load.

The basic idea is that it adds a “Toggle Mute” button in the profile pop, which updates the opacity of all their posts. If you want to change this styling search for the line:

 rule = format('article[data-user-id="{id}"] { opacity:0.3; } \n', {id:this.muteList[i]});

And replace opacity:0.3 with whatever you like.

I personally won’t use it, so please let me know if it breaks.

Here it is in action:

(User in screenshot chosen at random for testing).


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