Ikea bed hack creates secret room for youngster

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Clever! I like the backup exit - that’s good planning.


While very cool and neat and I applaud the ingenuity and creativity involved…he will outgrow it in about 3 years.

Maybe I’m just not that kind of Dad…but I prefer to spend my time on the soccer field with my kids, playing legos with them, or drawing and doodling. And just be a huge disappointing father and buy them the standard Ikea bunk beds and tell them…its a bed. you sleep in it…its functional.

The nice thing is, as was mentioned at the beginning, he has a little sister who will inherit his beds as he grows into them. So it’s an investment for the future, too. :slight_smile:


I think it’s just different strokes for different folks. I could never see myself building that bed, but I did spend ridiculous amounts of time over the years building a movie playback system that a 2.5 year old could operate without scratching any DVDs. And my brother built a go cart from scratch because it’s what he enjoys doing with his kids.


Video link for those reading on the BBS.


Exactly this. Which I cop to willingly. Just cool to see from afar, but not my cup of tea with my kids.

The monsters must love it.


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