I'll be chic in my Blue Blockers



Dr. Geek is still hanging out in Venice Beach. Saw him there last Saturday… or you could just find him on facebook…


Oh! How awesome! Is Harry Perry still skating around too?

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This is why net neutrality is so vitally important.


I remember the clip of this that was used in the official commercial - “Go getcha some Blue Blockers”.

There currently exists in my glove compartment a pair of Blue Blockers.

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I think the product is called “BluBlockers”.

As a wee lad I think i bought a pair off QVC. I have no idea why.

Awesome! I was just talking to my wife about this a few weeks back! This infomercial was on every morning as I got ready to go to 9th grade!

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That video didn’t make me feel old. This YouTube comment made me feel old:

“Born in 86. I remember seeing these commercials in the early 90s, especially this commercial with this guy and his rap song. It usually played in the morning and afternoon on basic television.”

Did someone just one year old than me really type that?

Yup. Saw him Saturday as well.

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