Ring my Bell by Anita Ward


I like the part where it goes “ring my bell.”

Also: “Beeeeyoooooooo.”

Then, there’s this. Wait for it.

Thanks for the blast from the past. Was there a reason for this particular reminiscence?

How in the world did you know that? Also…ewww.

Hulu. Pops up every other commercial lately.

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Dang, does EVERYTHING have to get ruined?

Le sigh.

Yeah. Um… why?

Now I have to go into the other room where my kids are binge watching My Little Pony, so THAT song can get stuck in my head instead.

It’s a current commercial? Whoa. Guess I’ve been taking full advantage of the fast-forward button!

Nice. And wonderfully referenced in This Is Serious Mum’s "Never Mind the Bollocks: Here’s the House of Representatives.

There is always this one.

Aw, fuck. I didn’t even have hit play. Bravo, bravo.

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