Ring my Bell by Anita Ward




I like the part where it goes "ring my bell."

Also: "Beeeeyoooooooo."


Then, there's this. Wait for it.


Thanks for the blast from the past. Was there a reason for this particular reminiscence?


How in the world did you know that? Also....ewww.


Hulu. Pops up every other commercial lately.


Dang, does EVERYTHING have to get ruined?

Le sigh.


Yeah. Um... why?

Now I have to go into the other room where my kids are binge watching My Little Pony, so THAT song can get stuck in my head instead.


It's a current commercial? Whoa. Guess I've been taking full advantage of the fast-forward button!


Nice. And wonderfully referenced in This Is Serious Mum's "Never Mind the Bollocks: Here's the House of Representatives.


There is always this one.


Aw, fuck. I didn't even have hit play. Bravo, bravo.



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