Illegible minimalist dominoes


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Cleverly built to use less material, yes. Playable, maybe.

But minimalist? When it’s visually so much busier than the regular style? And that’s on a white background.


Well I think they’re cool. Pity I haven’t seen anybody playing dominoes in… well… my entire life.


I thought this was a joke, because the picture looks like an image of some nano-scale fabrication. Yeah, that would use less material.


I like the look of these better.


If you click through to the Kickstarter page, you’ll see that the actual dominoes are much more readable/playable than the pencil sketch used to illustrate the post and upon which many comments seem to be based. But $74?


That’s no pencil sketch, that’s a top view. So is this.

This is the pencil sketch.

Granted, if you see a piece from the side it’s less confusing. But still less readable than even a background-blurred regular piece. And definitely less “minimalist” to my eyes.


You’re absolutely right!



This is ridiculous. They are not minimalist. Why are the black “unused” dots even there? They confuse the eye. If only the white ones were there, they would be highly legible. As they are now, you have to work on it visually. If the black wasn’t there, it would be appreciable at a glance. In fact, to approach minimalism further, the dots could even BE black. Sheesh. Nice art project. Pfffff.


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