Minimalist playing cards


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I would love these so much if only the red were a little brighter. Maybe looking at the live instead of on a screen they’d look better. I might get the white ones, which I also like. But choosing white when black is an option is slightly heartbreaking.


“While it is necessary to mark the backs of regulation cards, we’ve done so with minimal diagonal lines instead of the typical ornamental graphics.”

Why is this necessary? I think those lines are way too baroque, myself.

Also, the black ones are perfect for the Bond villain in your life.


Mark won’t like these because they would be nearly impossible to make marked trick decks from.


I really would like each suit to be a different terminal-bright color: RBG and white


Somebody’s making a list!

The black ones would look great played around of the back yard fire pit.



Yes, needs more no logo.


Minimalist card trick:

Pick a card, any card…


Very nice. I’m usually more of a baroque fellow than a minimalist one, but I like these, particularly the black ones.


I reckon it’s just a little bit too difficult to distinguish diamonds from hearts during a fast game. Of course, for some, that might be a selling point.


The only thing not minimal about these cards is the price!


Yeah, it looks really hard to read these. Might be better in person, but I’m betting not.


I got the blank of blank. What are the odds on that?


Great! now, place it back in the deck without showing me. (Shuffle, Shuffle.) Is this your card?

(Btw: odds 52:52.)


In Live and Let Die, Solitaire used these cards-


I get it. Having “LOO” printed on them over and over subliminally caused opponents to leave periodically, providing opportunities for cheating. Diabolical!


No, mine has my fingerprints on it. This one doesn’t.
(PVC is pretty good for retaining prints).


i would love the cards a bit more if the symbols were filled, instead of outlined. to my mind, a tiny bit more minimal, and also somewhat clearer.


Surely the back could have been marked “.”?


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