Illinois gun shop raffles AR-15 rifle to benefit Orlando victims


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I’m sure I won’t be the only one to point out that the gun used in Orlando was a Sig Sauer MCX and not an AR-15.

Not that this matters one fucking bit…


hey man, you know, like #notallAR15s



jackass gun nuts can’t even get the facts straight about which stupidly harmful and useless weapon is used.




Actually, that would be the reporter. The owner never said it was the same gun used.


Please gun assholes, take a few days off.


If his shop gets burned down, I’ll be sure to hold a raffle for gas cans in its honor.




Every Onion editor right now:


Why can’t it be BOTH issues? It’s not as if they are comparative issues. Their Venn Diagram would only show the number of terrorist acts which included guns; a thin sliver of interstitial overlap there, right?


So it is insensitive and in poor taste, but giving the dude the benefit of the doubt here. The gun already exists and someone is going to buy it. If he raises a few grand for the victims he’s doing a hell of a lot more than providing the typical “hopes and prayers” that most of his brethren are providing. For that matter he’s giving a hell of a lot more than I was able to give to The Brady Campaign after the Orlando Shooting. Even if it is a shameless publicity stunt it’s not without benefit to people who need help.


A Colt AR-15 can be had for less than a third of the price of a Sig MCX. Which do you think a gun shop would rather give away?


When I saw the headline, I assumed southern Illinois, but McHenry makes just as much sense. I have a good friend from there…the stories he tells! Poorly regulated militias are well represented in those parts.


Pro-tip: talking about the distinction between an AR-15 versus a Sig MCX is only cool inside of Cabela’s.


I’m willing to bet the cause he’s giving other people’s money to would rather do without the money if it meant denying an asshole running a gun shop called ‘second Amendment’ the chance to profit shamelessly from the death of 49 people.



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