Illinois mayor appoints failed censor to town library board

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The unquiet spirit of Anthony Comstock – who persuaded the USPS to make him a special Postal Inspector, with the right to open mail looking for things he considered obscene – must be rubbing its ghostly hands together in glee.


Just the latest in a long line of BS that comes out of DuPage county.


He left River City the library building
But he left all the books to her



On the one hand it would be disturbing to have a promoter of censorship on the library board. On the other hand if his fellow board members don’t share his opinions it would be funny as hell to watch him get smacked down repeatedly.


That is a marvelous way to look at it!

Remember, filling up a board with yes-men is how it’s done in the corporate world, and we all know that the best government should be handled exactly the same way.


Wow, this is a real bummer. I grew up in Downers Grove and live in the next town over now. Spent lots of time in that library as a kid. Hopefully the rest of the board and the community can block the egregious decisions that this guy makes.

Hopefully, he would only be able to exercise power over the Downers branch, and any books potentially banned there would still be available in the rest of the local consortium.

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